performance "Zholdak Dreams: Feelings Thieves" got 5 nominations on Award Golden Mask

Best large scale production - Zholdak Dreams: Feelings Thieves in BDT

Best director in drama - Andriy Zholdak

Best supporting Actor - Sergiy Stukalov (voices of personages)

Best set designer in drama - Andriy Zholdak, Daniel Zholdak

Best costume designer - Daniel Zholdak

Golden Mask is the National Theatre Award established in 1993. The Golden Mask Award is the most prestigious award that is given to productions in all genres of theatre art: drama, opera, ballet, modern dance, operetta, musical, and puppet theatre. Each theatrical season expert councils selected the best production to be nominated for Award. All of nominated performances will be presented during the festival Golden Mask in Moscow that Jury will take a final decision for winners. In 2016 the Golden Mask Festival will be held for the 22th time. The main (competition) programme will take place in Moscow in spring 2016. The Awards Ceremony will be held on 16 April 2016


More about performance Zholdak Dreams: Feelings Thieves in Bolshoi Drama Theatre named Tovstonogov you could read here.




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