Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov

Turku City Theatre, Turku/Finland


Text: Anton Chekhov

Dramatic script adaptation: Andriy Zholdak

Translation: Teemu Kaskinen

Direction and set design: Andriy Zholdak

Set and costume design: Tumas Lampinen

Composer: Sergey Patramanskiy

Light design: Andriy Zholdak, Vile Sepanen

Lead roles: Krista Kosonen, Alma Poysti, Riitta Salminen, Jan Korander, Ari Piispa

Brief opinion of Georges Banu 

Honor president of the Internationala Association of the Theatriacal Critics ( AICT) 

President of the Europe prize for the theatre  

Secretary of the Union of the Theatres of Europe (UTE) 

I had seen a strong and original Cherry orchard, a performance unforgettable for many aspects. Now this Zholdak’s work is for me a reference for Tchekhov’s direction in the modern theatre. It’s unique, but is so powerful...

I was impressed also by the Letter to the actors, who Alma projected with engagement like a young woman revolted but tryng to injecte the hope in the posibilty to revival the theatre. This position is not an oficial position but the personal cry of an artist, Andriy Zholdak, who wants to give a new energy to our’s art.

It’s one of the most powerful modern manifest which in heard in my theatrical life. I was really impressed and I thinck that this type of attitude is useful in our’s time and in ourr’s society.



Nearest dates of Cherry Orchard on the main stage Turku City Theatre in 2012

September - 15, 22, 28

October - 6, 20

November - 2, 24

December - 14, 28


Newspaper Sanomat Turku, 8.8. Kulttuuri, stt 201


 Sensational director Andriy Zholdak requires actors force.

 - In the theater of the future is what happens on stage is real. If the actor saying, "I love you", then it will truly, -  says theater director Andriy Zholdak imagining how theater can be for 50 years.

Zholdak currently rehearsing staging Cherry Orchard at City Theatre Turku. Ukrainian Zholdak known as a demanding director who rigidly requires actors. Before the summer holidays, he wrote an open letter to the ensemble of the performance Cherry Orchard, in which he argued that the group did not get anything important from the text, and that they have attitude indifferent to the theater.

- I have worked very hard to open the actors, but they resisted.

 The criticss of the director had been focused on methods of working in the theatres in Finland. But at the same time, he does not deny that there is finicky.

Theatre must break all the protective mechanisms that prevent us to be bold to live and feel. Before the perfromance will be showed to audience, we must suppress the protective mechanisms of the actors, - says Zholdak. That is why the actor should be strong.

- In people constantly working fire processes that can not be controlled. Theatre is a place where the dam break and water is poured over them, describes director.


— Photos from performance



1 act - 2h 05min

2 act - 1h 45 min

premier 15 October 2012



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