by Klaus Mann

Uppsala Stadsteater, Uppsala/Sweden

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        Mephisto is an outrageous theatrical event to sell his soul to the devil. The actor Hendrik Hofgen has one goal - to be loved by the audience. For it is he willing to do everything: flogging their ideals, betraying their friends and sell his soul. We follow his career in Nazi Germany - from simple provincial actor to head for the big theater in Berlin, from Socialist to Nazi collaborators. We go into the Hofgens deceitful world that is a powerful, sexy, violently and beautiful experience for the senses not to be missed.

Script adaptation                  Andriy Zholdak

Translation                                Karin Grelz

Direction and scenography    Andriy Zholdak

Scenography and costumes    Tita Dimova

Composer                                    Vladimir Klykov


Klaus Mann
          Klaus Mann, the son of Nobel Laureate in Literature Thomas Mann. He was born in 1906 and debuted in 1925 with his novel "Der Tanz pious". In the 1930s, he left Nazi Germany and emigrated to the United States. When the US got into the war he enlisted as a volunteer. After the war he also wrote for American magazines from the post-war Europe.  In 1949, Mann died in Cannes (France) by an overdose of sleeping pills.


— 15 October 2011



1 act - 1h 05 min

2 act - 1h 25 min

ALL NOW! from rehearsal MEFISTO


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