based by the novel of Stanislaw Lem

coproduction Macedonian National Theatre

and Wiener Festwochen 

Creative team

Director and script:  Andriy Zholdak

Stage design: Monika Pormale, Andriy Zholdak

Costume design,assistant stage design, video concept: Daniel Zholdak

Music and sounds: Vladimir Klykov

Light design: Andriy Zholdak, Monika Pormale

Assistant dramaturgy: Ioana Malau

Assistant director: Nikola Kimovski

Cameraman: Kuzman Klekovski




Kris Kelvin ........ Dejan Lilic

Rheya ....... Darija Rizova

Kris (child) ...... Dario Eftimovski

Rheya (child) ..... Kalina Tripkova

Snaut ..... Aleksandar Mihajlovski

Sartorius ..... Aleksandar Gjorgijoski

Father ..... Slavisha Kajevski

Mother .... Arna Shijak / Sofia Nasevska

Mad ...... Dragana Lavenska


A production by The Macedonian National Theatre

Co-producer: Wiener Festwochen









"The devil is everywhere, and you can't defend yourself against him by hiding into something pure: you'll find him there too [...] The essential is to live with the Devil, and engage in constant struggle with him. When humans die, there is a certain, eternal moral reckoning connected with their lives, that does not disappear with them. The good they have done, continues to exist in the lives of others. Also the bad they have done continues to develop. But life can turn that around, even in the direction of good. [...] A man's moral destiny continues to exist, it is not finally decided, and contains a certain hope, not a guarantee, but a hope of salvation."

Alfred Schnittke, in a conversation with Alexander Ivanshkin.




A man is struggling with his past, with his sins and with his fantasies. At one moment in his life, this man receives an opportunity, called Solaris, when he can experience his strongest nightmare, the possibility of losing himself again. The man enters an alternate existence, a parallel reality, where he becomes a great sinner. He stands on the edge of a cliff, but at the last moment he chooses not to condemn himself. His help comes from the innocence of a small girl, who comprises different meanings in his psychic: Rheya, a girl, his conscience, Solaris and something that can't be named. 

Andriy Zholdak's version of Solaris is a piece of visual theatre, a meditation on the theme of man's condemnation and salvation. It is a tightrope walk, where at one end is reality and at the other is fantasy, and where the rope - an Ariadna's thread in the maze - is made from nodded recollections of love and loss. An original performance, based on a concept greatly different from that of Lem or Tarkovsky's Solaris.

Ioana Malau
















Place - Museums Platz 1, Vuenna; Halle E in Museums Quartier

Opening night - 10th June 2016

next performances - 11th, 12th June 2016


Wiener Festwochen about Andriy Zholdak

           "No Eastern European director provokes reactions as controversial as Kiev-born Andriy Zholdak, currently a resident of Berlin. He creates an impetuous, self-assured theatre that emerges from agonising pain, is sometimes dangerously reckless and spills over with energy and imagination. Andriy Zholdak admits no barriers. He combines commedia dell’arte with cyberpunk and sci-fi fantasy. His theatre is pure fury, celebrates the irrational and reaches for the very stars that inspire his cosmogonic visual extravaganzas.
It is therefore hardly surprising that his recent productions – which included even a sunny Goldoni comedy – are not set on this earth but on faraway planets. Inspired by Stanisław Lem’s celebrated novel, Andriy Zholdak stages Solaris as a sort of return flight – a journey from a remote star into the innermost self, into a world that is more mysterious than the vast universe, a fascinating and dangerous odyssey through memories and hidden yearnings. 
Monika Pormale from Latvia, one of most important stage designers of her generation, will create the sets for this stage trip.
At Wiener Festwochen, Andriy Zholdak last met with enthusiastic acclaim in 2004 with Odin Den Ivana Denisovicha, his stage adaptation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s novel One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich."



Premier 10th June 2016

in Vienna


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