by Ivan Turgenev "A month on the village"

Kharkiv State Academic Drama Theatre named T.Shevchenko, Kharkiv/Ukraine



          The estate of a wealthy landlord Islayev. Playing preference in the living room. Another “game” is taking place between Islayev’s wife Nataliya Petrivna and the friend of the household Rakitin.

          Refined flirtation. The tone of their conversation sharply changes when Rakitin finds out that Nataliya Petrivna has hired a new teacher for her teenager son. Rakitin notices that there is something behind the lady’s interest for that young man. Shpiegelski, the doctor, appears in the living room. He entertains the company with funny stories. Meanwhile being a very acute person he notices the changes in Nataliya Petrivna’s behaviour. Staying tete-a-tete with her he says tactfully that he wants to propose marriage to her 17-years-old foster daughter Vira, but he is refused. Nataliya Petrivna asks Vira about her entertainment in the garden together with Kolya (son) and Belyayev. She doesn’t like that Vira is very fond of the new teacher. Rakitin asks Islayev about the student and finds out that he is completely satisfied with him. Nataliya Petrivna expresses her trust to Belyayev and also her hope for a closer acquaintance with him. She feels that Vira has the same intentions. She promises Shpiegelski to think about his proposal as to Vira. 

Act 1

       Servant Matviy expresses his love feelings to the young maidservant Katya. But courtesy of the German tutor Schaaf is more pleasant to her. Though she is happy to exchange a few words with Belyayev. Vira and Belyayev become friends, that worries Nataliya Petrivna. Rakitin notices a change in her character. As an acute person he realizes why she asks him about the neighbour –landlord Bolshintsov. In refined manner Rakitin mentions to Nataliya Petrivna that she envies Vira and Belyayev’s youth. Nataliya Petrivna offers Belyayev to have a walk with her in the garden together with Vira and Kolya. Rakitin joins them. Nataliya Petrivna and Rakitin start Belyayev’s society education. Shpiegelski advises Bolshintsov to declare his love to Vira. Belyayev with the young people is going to fly a kite. Rakitin appears in the “rear guard”.

Act 2

           Rakitin persuades Nataliya Petrivna, that Belyayev must leave her house in order not to ruin the family. He himself decides to do the same. The young lady doesn’t like such prospects. Islayev and his mother notice Nataliya Petrivna’s nervous state, but they have no idea about the reasons. Nataliya Petrivna suffers from jealousy. In her private talk with Belyayev she makes sure that Vira is not a rival to her. However her calm is temporary.

Act 3

           Shpiegelski is thinking over his marriage with Lisaveta Bohdanivna and hears from her that everybody is in low spirits in the Islayevs’ house. Meeting Belyayev Vira says she is sorry for the troubles that make him leave the Islayevs’ house. Being in love for the first time she doesn’t find the answer to her feelings. In despair she opens Belyayev’s eyes on Nataliya Petrivna’s love for him.

            Rakitin informs Islayev about his forthcoming departure, the reason of which is his ardent affection for Nataliya Petrivna. Vira tells Nataliya Petrivna she cannot stay in her house because of Belyayev’s love for her. Without saying good-bye to Nataliya Petrivna, Belyayev leaves the estate; before that he expresses his deep friendliness to Vira. Shpiegelski offers to take Rakitin to the big road on the new troika (of horses) which he got as a present from Bolshintsov. Disappointed by Belyayev’s and Rakitin’s leaving Anna Semenivna seeks moral support of Lisaveta Bohdanivna, but the latter is going to leave the house anticipating her family life with Shpiegelski.

Script adaptation                       Andriy Zholdak

Translation                               Yuriy Stadnichenko

Direction and light design           Andriy Zholdak

Scenography                            Andriy Zholdak, Tita Dimova

Costumes                                Tita Dimova

Music          Andriy Zholdak, Tita Dimova, Konstantin Mishukov


Arkadiy Segiyovich Islayev (landlord)      Juriy Golovin

Nathaliya Petrivna (his wife)                  Viktoriya Spesivtseva

Twin of Nathaliya Petrivna                     Oksana Shopina

Kolya (Islayev’s son)                             Konstantin Byrdin

Vyrochka (inmate of Islayev)                  Vira Klimkovetska

Woman in black                                    Ganna Plokhotnjuk

Lithavetta Bogdanivna (companion)          Tamara Zubova

Anna Semenivna Islayeva (Islayev’s mother)    Olena Timofienko

Shaaf (German-family tutor)                 Vasyl Gapjuk

Mykhajlo Oleksandrovich Rakitin (family’s friend)    Oleksiy Kolomijtsev

Oleksiy Mykolayovich Belyaev       Eduard Bezrodniy

Afanasiy Ivanovich Bolshyntsov ( Islayev’s neighbour)     Mykola Mokh

Ignatiy Illich Shpygelskiy (doctor)                Yevgen Plaksin

Estatemans and guests –           Vasyl Vysoven, Nathaliya Golovina, Dmytro Chernyavskiy, Volodymyr Borisenko, Tetyana Grynyk, Iryna Rozhenko, Iryna Golobrodska, Tetyana Petrovska, Bajo Mudashyru, Iryna Voloshyna, Oleksandr Shevchuk, Oladeli Risikaty


— 27 March 2003



Prologue - 50 min

1 act - 55 min

2 act - 25 min, 3 act - 55 min


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