The Zholdak’s interpretation based on the Soljenicin’s novel ...

Barbara Lehmann

Die Zeit, Germany, 2004

     The Zholdak’s interpretation based on the Soljenicin’s novelcompresses the world to the boundaries of the Concentration Camp. One can’t tell the spectators from the prisoners. Those beast resembling creatures, sometimes with the grotesque ears of the hare, their clothes are sometimes torn off from their bodies, they are pushed around the cages and kicked with a boot on the back of the head. The Concentration Camp symbolises the humiliation at the roughest energetic level … 

and his view as follows:

        " I’ve grown up reading Soljenicin’s books  … Some spectators, former prisoners of the Gulag, told me that my performance conveys the very essence of the Gulag … One can’t retain indifference about Soljenicin’s heroes. The breaking of one thousand eggs on the stage, a metaphor standing for one thousand broken lives, is aimed at the drawing of the audience’s attention to a thoughtless perception of our lives … I’ve come over here not to play up to the audience, but to bowl them out." Andriy ZHOLDAK


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