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NOW ACTING IS INSPIRED BY POWER OF DREAMS MAGIC OF CHAOS: UKRAINIAN THEATRICAL MYSTIC ANDRIY ZHOLDAK IS STAGING STRINDBERG’S“PHANTASMAGORIES” IN LUCERNE Lucerne city, February 14 2005 Whatever other case may be, somnambulistic technique is adopted from Strindberg. In 1902 a year later after Freud “Oneiromancy” he wrote in introduction to his “Phantasmagories”: “I tried to recreate illogical while formally correct pattern of our dreams. Where everything can happen, everything is possible and has its justification. Where there is no time limits or space extent; on slightly outlined background of reality fantasy weaves its fibers and creates new ornament; blend of memories, experiences, fictions, unreasonable and improvisation”. Strindberg’s “Phantasmagoria” has already served as a baseground for highest art achievements to such directors-mystics as Ingmar Bergmann and theatrical magicians as Axel Manthey or Robert Lrpage. Zholdak takes his art further. To him territory of dreams is his own reality and theater – not a device for illusions making but stimulus from another word. He combines surrealistic phantasmagories starting from De Chirico and ending with Bunuel with avant-guard theater traditions taking from Meyerhold to Artaud. And while doing this he discovers maybe not a philosophers’ stone but golden images beautiful as dreams may be. Curtain, music, lemur and robots but dead bodies are still alive, electrified with wildly dangerous energy.


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Вистава у 2 діях


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