"When we dress a mask on our face, we get into the room without windows, in which suddenly turned off the light, and our "I " is dissolved together with our exclamation "Oh." We are beginning to see in the dark, to see a colors and we become a part of these colors"                   Andriy Zholdak

8th May 2015, Berlin

1) Mask – as the entrance and exit to other worlds.

2) Mask-door is not fixed a time.

3) The mask has sub pattern.

 3a) mask - it's way into the space, which is here.

4) Visible other mask is located on the real mask - I called her deceiver mask, false mask, fake mask! This mask is a mask-provocateur.

5) Mask-door opens up billions ways of communications in all directions. But the main purpose (subliminal) of the person who dressed this mask is to breaking through in these endless maze into nowhere, and no to nothing, thither where is located the main impulse and source of control for all visible and invisible masks.

6) Mask-here is connected to a congealed mask of eternity. Congealed Mask of Eternity has a lot of copies, brothers and sisters masks.

7) Masks copies B. and C. have a Masks of Mother and Masks of Father. Masks of God and Masks of Anti God. Masks are related to Matter and Antimatter. But all these masks are related to great grand-Mask which called Vanished Mask.

The Vanished mask is a mask, which had once been a mask which was printed from the Face of one who dressed a mask and disappeared behind it ... Forever ... (let's call it "one who first dressed a mask, but disappeared forever ... ")

8) The question arises - what under the True Mask in former times was? Stood in former times? And disappeared ... or correct to say - hide ... and left this lost Mask under this "hide mask", whose name is "Nothing," is ... never unrecognized and undiscovered the mystery of the universe ... and the one or ones who are able to see, to understand this - what is behind the mask-nothing ...  they have knowledge of the Agent. This Mask turns into nothing, into a mask-nobody ... who disappeared in the shadow of this mask, by default...

9) Human from a birth receives a first mask, which is from each fragment of his/her life changes, and in his/her old age (but we are talking about the examples of people who live a long life) ... they get the penultimate mask in life and then a post-mortem, recorded a mask with a vinegar and kiss of death.

10) There is a the last mask after post-mortem mask, which human gets in the afterlife world beyond  from the system of poetic justice. (Everyone gets a last mask, which he/she deserved and such as received).

11) After all, the system of masks is infinite.

And the idea of concealing the true - really is the idea of each mask.

12) That what we see in the mask is that what keeps back from us, you can not see these things, that you can not see, impossible to see these things, that impossible to see ... and all that are hiding of us have been needing to concealment and kept the mystery and default.

13) Topic of masks in human life, I do not touch (it will be a separate interesting topic), but it will be related to the theme of the Mask-Actor also.

14) Any actor - good and bad needs a mask.

15) Actor needs a mask to hide itself as human… and actor needs a mask to move closer to the character whose he plays and shows.

16) So in the field of view enter two masks - Mask Removal and mask Forthcoming. Remove yourself as a human and forthcoming yourself to the character.

17) Character - it is irreal, imaginary, created by the Author ... the character does not exist from one hand... and the actor needs a masks in order to bring closer to himself ... and become to be it... what or whom does not exist...

18) This mask is a bait for the coming, approach of the non-existing character, that may would be interested in your mask and approach closely to alive, I repeat, alive actor, look in him from the other side of mask ... through the cracks and holes of mask (from other side).

19) When a character which does not exist in reality, enter into the mask, which an existing actor dressed is thereby, he become an existing through this mask. Here and now. The mask is transformed into oxygen bag, hose, breathing hole through which a character and actor breathes.

20) ... And he starts after a while to arrogate this mask, and take on it from the actor.

21) Comes a moment of fight between Actor and the character for this mask ...  for wearing this mask, as for a crown of king between two brothers-heirs, princes...

22) There are two cases - either character would win the actor and through the mask will lead the actor and domineer him or...

23) ... Actor killed a character  (and here comes into force my theory - how to kill a character by actor) ... and with all the consequences after killing, actually he had becoming bloodied killer - then he appropriates the face and appropriates mask, killing the owner of mask, and having captured his privacy, and his - "I".

24) Mask-deceased (who was killed) starts to germinate into actor ... actor changes the own "I" in his "I". Actor makes spoofing, forgery, crime ... he is already a delinquent. Delinquent-actor takes out his foreign story, motives and feelings, passions, his actions, activities, and his texts.

25) Only by assigning and stealing (and for this purpose killed, that he becomes a killer in fact, and  in other case the character give up his mask and its identity  voluntarily in this fight …  Actor receives a special adrenaline energy, let’s say – energy-accelerator, owing to which he makes teleporting at lightning speed at some point into  character, who was killed  (murdered)  by him.

26) In this case mask is the starting – triggering room where hallucinations and certain mutations have been happened with actor ... where his face, face of actor disappears behind the impassive mask (and mask is a speechless and indifferent witness of this murder...), but I must insist, Witness-mask sees and keep a silent the time being...

27) Question arises - what is located from both sides of the mask?

28) Mask has entrances and exits, from there to here and from here to there.

What is located behind the mask or hiding behind the mask is not equal to that is in front of the mask.

29) It is located in front of the mask needs to be eating, researching, penetration, fixation and playing ... and has to be transfer of "all" acquired here, to there.

30) Mask is an intermediate space station for observation and transmission of the information...

31)  That is why mask has super-indifference and super-calmness. His mask is an impersonal as it is congealed.

32) One the laws of Masks is a cruelty and inhumanity. Inhumanity masks gives her power to stand all the time above time and human ... it gives Mask a huge extension cable and a multiplier, and detachment of the human.

33) Mask is as a special spacesuit which hanging and waiting for the human-actor takes it from the shelf space and put it on his human face.

34) When this happens, the Mask clings and implemented into the face of the human-actor ... and we can say that from that moment the actor loses own face,

Mask abducts the actor's face ... and from that moment to Mask become the leading him and actor is a wingman.

35) From the moment of dressing a mask, the actor receives protection, defense and super freedom. He seems to be included in the world-horizon transcending group of special and extraordinary persons.

36) Through the mask the actor gets permission for everything! Forever!

And for now! for everywhere!

37) Mask takes and throws up the actor and changed his gravity, scale and perspective.

Mask gives him the opportunity to elongate until the infinity, mask pulling out him from his human roots and the nest...

38) Mask spends incest with him and actor through the mask gets encoded knowledge, he receives sacral and the mystical power, which is not peculiar to human.

39) Mask gives him a springboard and transmitted him ... into other dimensions of time, space, and… because of it he looks into the reflection of eternity...

40) when actor is putting on a mask, he transforms and processed into a non-human being! A half of God and half of devil. Communication with the positive and negative energies ... and he become, what I call an after-man.

41) Mask is like two opening boxes of Pandora for actors; one box - the pleasures and wonders, the second box - suffering and horror. But there is a box also, let’s name it - a box of information and knowledge, and this box is called everything about everything.

42) actor who’s dressed a mask  become stronger and higher,  he gets all about which dreamed and wrote Nietzsche about his superman, because when human-actor dressed a mask than through him is implemented and passes non-human and not even a superhuman but super-divine, super-Universal, Super - Unexplained, which is without beginning and end, and all around everywhere.

43) Super-divine consists of a non-divine (Anti-Divine). Super-divine and anti-divine is also a mask, behind which is ideal mask and ideal-of an ideal.

44) When human-actor takes off this mask, he returns changed and tagged or marked.

45) Mask which been hanging or abandoned gets affect to him directly now. There is this strong relation, dependent relation… this is relation of the victim and lord, the relation as secret lovers between him and mask now.

46) Now the mask is always waiting for his return. She calls him back.

47) Even removing the mask, the actor is invisible reflected of masks on his face. His face no longer belongs to him, as before. His face, against his will, can instantly take the expression and the content of the mask is removed.

48) Thus, masks are dangerous.

49) There are different masks. Over the history of humanity were created thousands and thousands of types.

50) Basically masks were used for ritual sacrifices, healings, executions, prisons, orgies, fortunetelling, tortures, punishment, religious worship of spirits and Gods. They participated in the connection between the world of the dead and spirits, divination, killings, conspiracy, love sexual games, weddings and burials, coronations and birth. Masks have participated in almost of all the ancient wars.

51) There are direct and indirect masks.

52) From indirect of masks - a crown, veil, ring, fan ... costume, make-up, wigs, flies in the face (moles), hats, lipstick and powder, hands and fingers, mask-smell, perfumes.

53) Masks appeared simultaneously with the birth of humanity. Even the ancient humans - feathers, bones, jewelry, amulets, any added color to her face ... a point on the forehead and under the eyes, cover male and female bodies and organs of leaves and flowers, drawings tattoos were ...

54) Newborn children got a labels of blue and green, red and yellow dots on the face and body ... decapitated heads fellow tribesmen, their skulls, teeth and scalps, all these fetishes ... part of a group is not straight masks ... stuffed animals, fish, birds, snakes, butterflies, insects - all of this are a types of ancient masks ... it was near to before the human.

55) Even then, the Masks ascribed as inexplicable power of superhuman, the power of a talisman, power of intermediary between unusual and supreme. Supremacy of Masks had influence events around the humans during all short life of the ancient humans. Those who had a right to dress a mask, who was the bearer of the mask, he automatically towered and become above of the rest fellows tribesmen.

56) When you as Actor dressed a mask today as yesterday somebody before you did others, you getting an ancient connection. an level of shaman, leader, soothsayer, Oracle ... you get this freedom of the ancients, or rather you buy this freedom and pay for this by own "I ', you lose your own "I"  and you do an exchange for the freedom without all taboo you give own "I",  but receiving in return a magical mask.

57) From now Mask will move you, manage and remove from you your real "I" ... which you did not know ... which was deeply hidden in you, this your acquired "I", a new "I", or rather, one of the "I", which is now the mask can pull and suck out of your womb ... from the abyss ... This mask - "I" will impress and bemuse the parts of you which still stay in you. Mask will dissolve in you, adding to your "I" a faceless-powerful and faceless- non-existent...

58) When you obtained this freedom, when you feel and understand that you are no longer you, there are also your ancestors ... on all cognate lines ... they reappear from the abyss of nothingness, they were disappeared but they enter into the cracks of your mask through the holes of eyes, ears, nose and breathing holes and mouth ... and all of this is filtered and multiplied by your mask...

59) And now, when you like do not exist, when you do not have your biography, your history, your affections, likes and dislikes, your hate and love, than you suddenly (like you died suddenly, disappeared and now looks on all around from other side)… you understand that you have been immensely trapped and closed in human "I". You been flattened in this present-society of your country, your language, in which you live.

60) You get under this Mask so huge freedom that ... even scary to imagine.

61) You are not here, you do not exist and now this mask is your home ... your new entity.

62) This mask has no fear, which typical for us, mortal humans ... Mask did not afraid… this mask permits itself to do all which will take in head and want. Mask does not know the word "no" or "not possible" ... something that in normal life you never permitted to yourself, even surreptitiously look in the direction of the forbidden, in which you turned inside this mask on the magic wave...

63) You have not any barriers now ... this limitation centers, you do not have this terrifying, always haunted you a fear – make wrong or make not something.

There are not more censorship and does not exist any punishment for you. This mask makes all this things ... it removes all responsibility from you. You seem that you get an invisible mask, where nobody will see or does not know about your co-existence...

64) Mask gives you this stunning impunity where there are no any society opinions and political realities; there are no courts and prisons for Masks.

65) Mask does not have morals.

66) Mask does not have a God.

67) Together with you Mask does not believe anyone or anything, because Mask is already a part of the divine-ultraboundary ... There exist another gravity, exist another "Gods". Mask does not obey for our idea about life and death on Earth, and our idea of God...

68) Mask is in connection with the millions and billions of other types of masks about which you never know ... but now any mask from them can go through you, and occur at any moment when you play.

69) You start to be a immortal through this mask or together with this Mask. The things how Mask looks and what been fixed on her is a stop for the death for the person who dressed Mask...

70) Freedom is a speed of moving and teleportation from one to another. The more freedom gets more speed. Super Speed brings us closer to Super freedom. When Super- freedom comes, that a speed disappears. Congealed mask does not have any speed, because it enters under the law of Ideal Freedom

71) Freedom of mask - this is your jump into immortality.

72) Immortality was congealed on the Mask. It is the door to immortality...

Since that all locates in all around, than in the congealed Mask been concentrated a freedom – congealed freedom is a Mask.

73) Any mask related with the ideal freedom and any mask has a particle of a peace (quietness) which been frozen forever.  The speed disappears at all behind the super-super-super speed and transformed into anti-speed…  Ideal freedom is in anti-speed, and freedom is the ideal of peace (quietness)...

74) Quietness is in a harmony, and harmony is in eternal feeling of happiness ... it is necessary to strive here – this is as a beacon in the dark, of primordial ... the way of my "I" is in searching and wishing to dress a mask on yourself ...  this is a rejection of  "I" and searching for the islands of paradise.

75) Person who owns a mask and mask, which owns you, becomes a cosmic passport to travel and you do not need any visas ... also here mask which owns does not obey to any laws and obligations, and because of it, you have get a "another face", from one hand you are not recognized and are not fixed, you are not in these lists of control, you are not visible, you do not leave your fingerprints, your face is hidden behind a mask and never (when you play) will not be found and who and what are under the mask should be unknown for us...

76) And only with a thought that you pretend yourself to be someone else (unearthly) and that is why you are free to do whatever you wish (as it is not you) and your head is whirling in reality, and oxygen-elixir comes into your blood, and you feel own intoxication and it throws you like a brave samurai into battle to die during beautifully rise, to jump and to do hara-kiri yourself and moreover your ordinary pragmatic cowardly "I", which only looked like a smart, talented, courageous and honest ... cognition comes through comparison, they said our ancestors.  It turns the human-actor in the mask sees all about himself as a film of his life and death, when angels show every seconds of your life, not missing the slightest truth that you had and how you live...

77) Mask sees inside you, you... Mask is as supernatural mirror reflects and increases by its tentacles your shadow vessels of your soul and neurons of your brain, which are hidden from you. When we are going to this journey, we return surprised and changes, with reflections of the underworld labyrinth... this labyrinth leads us on mirror’s rooms of our dark and light sides of our "I".

78) Person who dressed a mask will never be the same as before he dressed a mask. He will always have this after syndrome and has traction to get away from himself again to her ... to Mask!


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