Letter to the directors and actors, not yet born

This letter is associated with two events in my work - the fact that in Turku City Theatre (Finland) on May 17, 2013 was played in the last time my performance Cherry Orchard by Chekov and with my rehearsals of Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert in St. Petersburg (Russia) in December 2013 .



          I know, now there are boys and girls, men and women who will have to meet, and they arise relationship, women would be pregnant. Probably inside them would be an embryos of the future directors. Then they will give birth to these children - boys and girls. They grow up and to them this my letter.


Never do not believe the actor. Kill the love for actor inside yourself.

Actor will confess you in love, cast a spell and amaze you, shock and mesmerise. His beauty and talent will burn you and slowly tighten you into a black hole. You'll be on fire and you go into agony, you will tremble with him when your eyes meet the eyes of a real Actor. The world will revolve around you, you will lose your balance. Eyes, mind, soul and breath of the actor will get into you. His sexual and psychic energy will make from you a love as slave, and then depending host. At this point you would be ready to fall and renounce everything in the world because of him, and what was important hour ago no longer exist and it will be so.

         Real actor would want to "sleep" with you, have a nights of love and hate with you, and than will come those trembling cocaine images rehearsals between you, intellectual and psychological currents bind you, lighting between you and breakthroughs with dislocations hit right in the heart. Actor will scratch, bite, and provoke endless flirting game between you. He wants to tear chunks of blood from your body and soul, and throw you - " this is for you, take on - says he - it 's all for you my unique first director " - although were another before you. He will say this as astonished, filled with your blood and sperm.

           " I'm yours - just take me. Just for you, I never loved the other as you. You - my young God . You - my blood. My breath. My dream. My pregnancy of happiness. Fertilise me, rape, steal, take, deceive me and finally buy me, buy me completely. I refuse all. Oh, my crazy director! " Do not believe all of this. It was all up to you to others and it is now with you, and it will happen without you then.

           Actor programmed for treason. Betray order to defeat you and pick you up in his hole and you would become his trophy order to rapaciously destroy and to disembowel you in his hole and forget you. You become his plasma collection.

         When you would fall down in love for him, then at that moment the actor stepped on your felled head, press down your neck, which beats your hot artery "of lust and passion " ... and chop off your head with pityingly or without pity. And threw it on a dish, wipe his fingers by walls. His fingers are still of your bloody, and you would be still alive. He wildly and drunkenly staggering smile and will engaged in an orgy in the next room, in search of a new author, in search for a new victim with his brothers actors.

           Your eyes, which are still alive in your severed head, looking askance at the other side and you're still clearly see their wild dancing near the fire through the half-open door to the next room of the theatre. Through your last awesome silence you see as actors drink, dance, wildly laugh and they are half-naked. They look already like a monster with animal's torsos, with wool as fauns with hooves of wild goats and goats. These are the "sacred animals " of which Cocteau once wrote .

        In your head throbs only one question - how do you like that happen? How did it happen with me? You still see the actors throw lot on what would be the new texts to play, what would be their new victim, what would be a new director they want to meet tomorrow.

They tear with savagery a papers where written for them a new roles and continue to toss up - who and what will play.

            They fight for a new roles with fury, and at the same time with a mad joy of wild animals. These actors need a victims. Over the years their brains, due to the endless play and acting on stage had so deformed that they no longer know - who they are and what they are. What she \ he is a woman or man, girl or guy . They are simultaneously both - Hamlet and Ophelia, their psyche is androgynous . Their insides - I want everything and anything, and it shows that they have inside themeless a total hole of emptiness.

       Some of them believe in God, but they are great sinners, who continue to play in the purity, love and truth. They are overworked and spun . In these "sacred" monsters, in their best jumps, convulsions of love, they are really cut out a brilliant sparks and fire at the time of sacrifice - in those a few seconds they have the magical power of hypnosis for which no one can resist, any director and any audience. And then you just have to do that is you need to be tied to the masts of ships by strong cords, as once it did the Odyssey team, that not to jump into the open crazy and night Ocean. Their prodigious singing "beautiful furies - sirens" calling you as a spell and you will lead this spell, for this holy sacrifice ... Actors do it with you in honour of God the theatre.



          Therefore, future directors should know the rules and secrets - how to survive in the acting jungle of the theatre, how to survive in this new, old reality?

Here are some tips …

             Do not allow them to join in groups, disconnect them. Your strength comes when you are left with them (actors) alone. Otherwise, when they are together, there is as in the old myth - you chop off one head of an excellent actor, but the other one grows in its place, the same head or even more beautiful. You chop off it again, and the head is again on the spot, smiling at you and grabs you.

         Do not fall for their charms. Remember that all is their hypnosis and a big illusion, and again, as in the same old myth - you need to keep the distance with them and you can not look back, you can not look straight in the eyes of actors. Remember that Perseus looked at a reflection in his shield to fight with the Gorgon Medusa . Through their eyes into your eyes comes this diabolical divine contact. Do not let them into your heart, because then you do perish.

          All the time constantly deceive the actor, but so that he already believed you fell in love with you, forgetting about everything. Promise him everything and now, do it just for him, do it now only for his as unique actor. Beget specific actions, deeds, showing that you need only him and he is extraordinary. Awaken and develop mad selfishness in actor. They are very greedy for it due as they have a big feeling of own significance and superiority.

            A terrible kiss of actor - his long, sucking kiss on rehearsals ... feed him the unusual and fill him the deep, shocking him, knocks down, drive him into risky situations of stress and fear that he did not have time to plan, for tactics, thinking and logic. Irradiate him by unprecedented Truth - it's like rengen for you. Then the actor loses his "murderous force" when he persecuted, he constantly every second must survive at rehearsals, in extreme situations of risk.

         Each rehearsal-meeting with the actor this is a competition and breakthrough to the unknown. Scold them and disconnect . He (actor) is afraid of the unknown, he is afraid to undress mentally and psychologically. Tears off his masks which plastered to him and as a hundreds of shields close his essence, his real «I». And so, when the actor will become defenceless when he is naked, when he does not need to play, and he is afraid, like a wild bird, which falls into the net - then there is a meeting with his essence, with his «I».

           Alter the actors, falling in love them in yourself, keep them trembling and dread front of you, and throw them first. Excite their sexuality and their secretly hidden emotions and sensory impulses, crush their hearts. Let shed the blood from their distant closed jungle-tunnels. Then, when you're heartless and cruel, cynical and not moral in relation to the actors, then there is a chance for salvation for you.

          Kill them slowly and quickly, hunting for them, put them baits and traps, crucify actors. Do not let them live and breathe a full breast, eat actor, sucks all the juices and strength from them. Sleep with the actors, but then necessarily treason them so that they feel Pain. Great pain and anguish for true, anguish for betrayed Paradise. Then make them happy, sometimes sad, sometimes clever and stupid. Do not be afraid to humiliate them and lift up and up

         Idolise actor. Give him all his love every day and night, so that later she or he, like Anna Karenina or Emma Bovary, escaped and was running away from their men, women, and children, that he/she leaves the family and chased after you. Actor wanted to be your dog, slave, beggar and prostitute, because he is so in fact .

          Corrupts actor, makes him a monster and a growing traitor. That he was terrified and did not want to be like this. May he can not be a day without you. Make him dependent and evil. Develop his intellect through lectures and search lost morality for him. Make him good, because he is afraid to be bad, then he has appeared to the protest. Shame him, find where is his Conscience and awaken Conscience inside him. Actor must revolt. Make all things that he had the feeling that he (actor) wants to repent. Kill the faith in the actor inside and then the real true to Faith comes to him.

         You must be able to sleep with the actor, and at the same time, do not do it physically. Flirt, play with him, dominant, and do not be afraid to give the initiative to him. Try never to marry actor/actress ( but there are exceptions when it is the meeting equal with equal) .

         Do not give them talk a lot as soon as they have the opportunity to speak - it's like a hypnotic singing, which can not be stopped, and which all enchants as a sudden severe storm of rain when you have not a place where you can ride out the storm .

         Change tactics with them, do not be afraid to say - I do not know, I learn from you, you're better than I am, you kinder, you and only you, now is main thing for me. You are extraordinary, I'm happy with you ... then something starts out from actor, which was hidden from you and from him, then actor expands in length and rises , and then there is no question - he is alive or not alive .

          Be careful with dirty and drunk actors. Because it is difficult to make out through their dim eyes a true nature of them, but you can see their cruelty, like in Cerberus, like in overseers of concentration camps ( how many this kind of actors working in large theatres?)

         Find a hidden leaders in their groups and destroy this leader, his overthrow has happened when the whole group can see this and throw out a leader. Create your own leader - Actor of the future. Behave yourself without regret, but brutally and abruptly with all of mediocre actors, which were blinded, primitive, indifferent, which are as talking heads but also with their representatives, union actors, administration, management and the trainers of these actors as in the circus, because their main goal is only one - the circus must be filled, tickets must be sold put, the actors have to jump in the arena as animals, and then they come back into their cages with happiness but tired, where they are waiting for the next evening.

         If you met a lazy actor - how to wake up his laziness? What to do with an indifferent actor? What to do with a cynical and venal actor? These questions you'll decide by yourself.

         Intimidate an easily frightened, destroy vulgar, but try to implement them a great idea and put for them a serious tasks, open the perspective for them and teach them to see the invisible.

        Actors are afraid the death and sin, as no other people on the world, not even the death, but as his autopsy thousandths of small and large betrayal which accumulated in their life and on stage. They are impregnated by those betrayals as soft cloth, which you wipe a five-meters puddle of blood. Their leather and blood vessels are imbued with this Betrayal. Their essence, the essence of the actor is to betray, play false, cheat, play and play again, they are continue to play and whirled and they are losing in. From this lostness They were became a scoundrels, murderers, plotters, intriguers. How many a great and other directors were betrayed, bitten, seduced, fucked, fall in love, in themself, cut and thrown by them (actors) in the history of world theatre in so many different countries and eras.

          They squirm like snakes. Actor is a snake what is really dangerous. They are taking revenge for us because something which their wanted was not fulfilled; they distort our destinies. They accusation on us, spread gossip and joyfully celebrated chums victory, when they were piled and pushed in a precipice the Artist. But everything has its price and the answer ... there is a new generation of rebellious and honest directors coming, for whom we must slay today this tradition and prepare the soil for new generation.

          We do it each individually and I do it too — we destroy these betrayers-actors, these slaves-actors. And that is why we have to do these big conflagration, burn these theatre houses, order to the future generation would see these glow, reflection from our conflagration.

PS     questions to me from me

Do you love the actors ?

  • Love and hate.

Do you know the nature of the actor?

  • No and yes.

Have you wanted to be an actor ?

  • No.

When actors betray?

  • Each, in different ways.

How often?

  • Always.

Does there are an exceptions ?

  • Yes. Exceptions are 3 to 97.

Do you are afraid that actors would rebel against you?

  • They have long rebelled.

Is there a solution?

  • yes.


- I do not know ...

What actor you see as an ideal?

  • Difficult to answer , find the words ...

it can be -

          Child , Angel, Jesus, not Judas, heart of Angel, purity of the child, kind, honesty, who is fighting for truth, compassion, courage, intelligent, open, religious, moral, intellectual, who is not betray, who is not kill, who is not commit adultery, who loves the planet Earth and motherland, who deeply loves his father and mother, who has a fairness, charismatic, who has a empathy and compassion, shaman, revolutionary, gentle, strong, who protects the rights and human freedom, loves animals and flowers (plants), who defends the homeless and poor, workaholic,loyal, who knows and feels — what is love, who is able to sacrifice, preacher, who always will comes on the rescue, hardy, sparkling, sunny, gloomy, funny, sad, happy, wise, surprised, irrational, beautiful, who has a hot and cold blood, who has a mind open to all new things, hypnotic, deep, clear, who has a conscientious, wild, singing, silent, an actor who has a night dreams, who has not a envious, who is not a robot, who has not cynical and indifferent inside, who is not an intriguer, not scabby; an actor who can repent.

           Some of the actors who agree or who somewhat agree with these texts have the opportunity to think and to rebel from this camp of slaves-gladiators (early, the actors were used like this). Now, just had been changed another forms such as the Coliseum arena for new transformative stages in the theatres. But also the audience pays money and goes for performance to gets a pleasure and acute feelings. They come to look at the age-old historic battle-doom of the gladiators-actors, heroes. They comes to watch as they ("happy and cursed") are here and now will die in the struggle for life.

          In this vicious circle sometimes born and explode the other actors. The actors are rebels, who have nothing to lose already, the mane for one of them is Spartacus. Actor-Spartacus is a new kind of actor from future. He is Actor-prophet, Actor - author. From this actor would be born a director-reformer, director-rebel, director-seer. He will be born from this actor as like caterpillars comes from cocoon. Anyone who grew up and went through the horrors of the existence of these actors, who was born and lived in this environment, he will understand me ...

           Old actors are taught a new young actors whose just coming to the theatre - how is best to deceive, demean, how and what they have to do that make these young actors like them. But these young actors whose already know by own skin and blood what does it means to return in barracks and cages for animals, the main question comes for them — it is a question of insurrection, life or death? Freedom or oblivion? True or seppuku? Harakiri - becomes as True. This is an ideal way ... Get up, get up, make a riots, live on the full your heart, breathing, organise the revolts in your theatres, drain off the contaminated blood from yourself and born for a better Destiny.

       And more. Once I have opened such a horrible metaphor of salvation in the theatre. Remind it for myself and you this story …

         There are big theatres-complexes, theatres-factories, which produce a planning theatrical productions, in which work and live actors, technicians, administration and producers. And there are institutes and academies, where they teach a future actors and the other theatre staff, but there will be one day ... in my mind, when these theatres and academies will be closed and will begin their siege. That's my theory of Cholera. We need this in order to other honest Artists came there. These theatres are usually closed to them and if these honest Artist got to big theatres than they been re- blocked and modify to such an extent that they become ordinary or they made an escapes in own loneliness.

          In these giant theatres-tombs you can see a rats-actors, and in one time the young, open, talented actors come to this theatres; these young actors has a burn the eyes, who yearn to seek the truth and fight for justice, fight for truth. Than rats-residents from these theatres let them into his suffocating rotten, stinking lie the world, but only one unspoken rule - you'll be one of us, you'll like us. And they who at once or who gradually over 3-10 years are infected with sweet bites for these young and wild aliens.

         Their bites and rigour breathing is included in this riotous youth, in these hotheads. They infect their blood and heart and wait when these young actors will become a mutants, when they will also with envy would see askance at them - a new pure youth, who came at the theatre after them. In the souls of old actors are moving this fear, hatred and vengeance - why we fell, why we did not happened, why were contaminated , and these must survive ...?

         And although the hypocrisy and deception of love for each other and respect for each other are reads off scale in theatres - do not believe them "young and untouched ," do not believe these smiles and brotherhood of slaves in chains. It's like eunuchs, who are always in the psycho-mental stress as stays near the women - can not touch them and fertilise (satisfy), because they have penises cut off and thrown away long ago in a cesspool.

          And when next them come a young with a strong erotic, emotional and intellectual potency system, the eunuchs dream to destroy them, castrate, as once it is done with them. This is a mechanism, which was in the time of Euripides and after Shakespeare's time. And this mechanism is now in theatres.

         And that's why now in my mind - those institutions and theatres in the siege. Prometheus, Spartacus and new ( "young and untouched ") besieged their territory. Their Troy is in the siege. They have a very little water and food, ammunition, and time is working against them, but their theatres shut. Then I see in my head - I put near and inside their theatres a "Nazi candies ", which have a chocolate from above, but the poison is inside. This is for you hungry rats-actors who are so greedy for glory and gifts.

         Rats-actors snapped up and eat these candies which we proposed for them and they die. Some of them die rather quickly, some of them die in convulsions rather slowly and they parting with the past. Some of them who is smarter and wiser, and normally they are from administration and management and lead actors, they hiding in the burrows, which are dug very deep over the years and centuries by previous rats-actors. They dug under and around the theatres a thousandths of communication in the dark secret passageways. They are deeply entrenched in bunkers. How to lure them out from there? How to pull them from their nest-holes? Where are they hidden own king and queen and their eggs, and sting?

          In my imagination (I'm not afraid them, because this my text is not for them!) - Spartacus is sending the poison gas in their burrows and labyrinths-corridors. All. Than a silence. They destroyed. Next will come the rescue team who will put their stinking troupe of theatres, scrape off and clean up the walls, stages and seats which are imbued with their smell and shadows.

          Everything will be cleaned and deactivated, as normally must do after the radioactive release . Theatres and Academy sealed. They need time to settle …

         When these doors will open and who will come there? What ideas and thoughts come there? Who will be these new people, new actors and directors? What awaits them? - These questions are for you and you must answer by yourself. But this "great scar ", this memory of a giant catastrophe in the theatre will be known and remember for all of this "Great Terror " in art : the glow from the conflagration will remain …


         In the theatre will shape the new texts, will seek new forms and adequate artistic language which accompanies your time.

Andriy Zholdak


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