Behind other side of the curtain

based on the play «THREE SISTERS» by Anton Chekhov

a reincarnation experience in two parts

Alexandrinsky Theatre St Peterburg / Russia


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4015 AD. Experiment reincarnation of Three Sisters - Masha, Irina and Olga, who died in 1900. They come to life in the new world. The text of Anton Chekhov's play "Three Sisters" is downloaded in a newly revived brain. Sounds, noises and consonance, scraps of at one time uttered phrases generate a new visions and remembrances of the past, and at the same time provide an opportunity to start a new life.

But the words have been forgotten spoken now with the same hope and yearning, and it does not matter where the three sisters aspire in 41 century to space station Moscow or in the ancient capital of the Russian Empire. Is it possible to go beyond the limits of the program, change the destiny of? The answer to this question is the essence of the experiment.


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Creative Team

Script, direction, light       Andriy Zholdak

Stage design                   Andriy Zholdak, Daniel Zholdak

Costumes, Video              Daniel Zholdak

Music                             Sergey Patramanskiy

Assistant lighting designer  Dmitry Pesotsky

Technical Assistant            Alexey Obraztsov

Main Assistant Director       Yulia Prokhorova

Assistant director - Tatiana Timofeeva Elena Borunova


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Reincarnated CHARACTERS:

Masha              Elena Vozhakina

Irina                  Olesya Sokolova

Olga                  Elena Kalinina

Andrei              Stepan Balakshin

Natasha            Elena Kalinina

Kuligin            Vitaly Kovalenko

Father or Vershinin          Igor Volkov

Tuzenbach        Ivan Efremov

Soleniy              Vladislav Shinkarev

Chebutikin        Semen Sytnik

Vershinin's wife  Vasilisa Alekseeva

Mother ( Oksana Obukhovich, Margarita Abroskina)


Alexandrinsky Theatre Staff



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"The actor is a creature,  who gives, ignites and supports the lights inside the people in the world, supporting the light inside the people, gives them the hope for life. Actors tell people the news about how to live better. First actor on the Earth was Prometheus, who challenged the Gods and who stole the light from the feast of the Gods. He stole the light for the people. And he gave them this light, this fire.

You have been chosen, you have been marked, you are special, you are oracles and preachers. You are not made of plastic, but the live streaming red blood stays inside you, and gives you thue real life instincts. How to remind you that you are kind and generous, that your hearts beat and sick from all the small injustices and ugliness. You are the defenders of beauty within a human being, you - predictors. As you are hidden and preserved the ideals and your desires are very strong. You are in the middle of the struggle between good and evil, between clean and dirty. Now depends from you, now, depends from you so many things, ans so much."

Andriy Zholdak. Letter to Artists, Turku City Theatre. May 2012

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premier 4th February 2016


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