Uncle Vanya

by Anton Chekhov

Klockrikke theatre, Helsinki/Finland


          "My performances are not startling. My performances are just dream splinters. Sometimes these dreams are realistic, sometimes - surrealistic. Sometimes they are understandable, sometimes - tangled. Sometimes they are verbal. They may have a plot. They may shock. Sometimes they are human, sometimes - brutish." A. Zholdak

In Uncle Vanya you'll see famouse names in Finnish theater. Linda Zilliacus and Krista Kosonen alternate in the role of coveted Jelena. Alma Pöysti plays the part of young Sonja and the role of the charming but miserable doctor Astrov is played by Jan Korander. Anders Larsson plays professor Serebrjakov, Janina Berman the widow Maria Vasiljevna, Anders Slotte "Wafer" Telegin and the role of Uncle Vanya is played by Jussi Johnsson.

Text:                                 Anton Chechov

Dramatic adaptation:         Andriy Zholdak

Director:                           Andriy Zholdak

Composer:                        Sergey Patramanskiy

Stage design:                    Andriy Zholdak, Tita Dimova

Costume design:               Tuomas Lampinen

Light design:                     Andriy Zholdak, Pietu Pietiainen

Sound design:                   Sergey Patramanskiy, Ludvig Allen


— 23 November 2011



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